Daughters custody

I am married for 15 years and was suffering a lot of stress due to my husband extra marital affairs which I got to know via his mobile, but wasn't able to save.last year i caught him red handed with a divorced lady and I have my parents, police officials and my uncle as evidence.post which he started putting allegations on me stating that I have extra marital affairs with multiple people.since August I have moved out of my husband property with my kids and I am taking care of them for almost an year. He has filed a divorce petition on grounds of extra marital affairs and has put a lot of photos of me and my ex colleague and my whatsapp chats. Now he is threatening me that I will take custody of my daughters who i cannot live without.My husband has never ever spent any time with my daughters.So my daughters have no connection with their father and they are very happy with me. My only worry is that after I moved out to a rented accommodation one of my male friends have helped me a lot with setting up my place and he is very much connected with my daughter since they took birth . Now my husband has started putting blame on me stating that I have extra marital affairs with him as well Can anyone guide me what should be done? As i don't want my daughters to go to him also my elder daughter age is 11 and younger daughter age is 8 years. Please guide