Sister in law nd mother in law mental harrasment during pregnancy

I got married in December 9th 2020 after dat 1 month was v gud vth everything nd every1 Jan 1st onwords mother in law nd sister in law started mental harrasment mns indirectly brain washing husband father in law behalf of me nd indirectly abusing v bad language which is not digestable actly sister in law have objection ABT dis marriage bt bcoz of my husband efforts got successful . Sister in law use to come regularly to home nd everyday she use to brain wash my mother in law nd father in law so after 1month of marraige husband parents were changed nd dey separated us nd I got pregnant in Jan month even though dey are not bothered nd concerned ABT me even though I took light bt sister in law everyday use to do mental harrasment related to money ,dowry , dressing,food ,etc etc many more she even abused my parents brother sister including me every day wt kind of words she used I can't even explain such a cheap language which is not barrable nor digestable she had a problem vth me especially I dno y related to my studies, job ,dressing etc etc everyday she is harrasing me now I'm 9thmonth pregnant I just barraed her last 9 months onwords everyday only for my baby bcoz husband is v supportive bt now I can't bcoz of her I lost health, mental peace , everything, my condition is not stable , I was v happy nd strongest girl bt now I lost my self might b she is doing dis all things only for property nd all please suggest me wt kind of action can I take.