Service matter

My father was employee with a bank. Just 3 years before his retirement, bank suspended him and initiated 2 different inquiries for very minor charges like excess limit granted in one cc account and some incomplete documentation in some of the social security loans. After long inquiry process he was reinstated in one case but on the very next date he was removed from service forfeiting his all retirement benefits including pension. As he had no knowledge of legal system, as advised by a lawyer, he filed writ petition in Lucknow bench of Hon'ble High Court in 1990 and with this his sufferings started with various lawyers giving different opinion. Finally his petition was dismissed in 2007. He did not give up and filed SLP in Hon'ble supreme Court in 2007 on the ground of gross disproportionate penalty. SLP was admitted but again the case was not taken up properly and it was dismissed on 20th Aug 2015. He to some extent rightly feels that he could not prove his innocence as he could not afford a good Lawers and fact is that he has not done anything wrong and even bank has nowhere charged him for any wrong intention except procedural lapses may be leading to potential financial loss of couple of thousands. How much it is rightful to keep any employee financially starving for for entire life for such a petty potential loss. My question is , if there is still any remedy possible or all doors are closed ? My father is now 84 years old and in deep shock. He is very dejected that he lead his life with utmost honesty and this only made certain peer groups and boss his enemy and they successfully ruined hi life like movie scripts. Pl. Help, I want to help my father but I have been told that good lawyer of Supreme Court is far beyond my affordability limit and if take cases of celebrities it looks to be true that you can not prove your point without help of renowned lawyer in Supreme Court.