Respected sir it so happened that my cousin 34 years of age was made to sign on a blank white paper and it happened that he was lured into signing atleast three blank papers in a gap of one week.......fear of my aunty is that there is a 2-bedroom flat in his name that his father put to his name before he passed-away.....and aunty and him 'santosh' his name is are really worried an fear that the flat may be lost by fraudulent means or paper-work....aunty is vey cross over the matter ans has even threatened to throw him out of her house as she has two daughters to be married and it is all a sorry and sad situation in the house......she asked me to get some advocate]s advice over this matter.....the two lawyers that i spoke to seem to give conflicting views over this matter.... one in favour of this incident and the other quite the opposite....since your respected sir view on this kind of situation it appeared on reading your view i (naresh my name) thought of writing to you and seek the lawyers authentic view over the matter.... in fact what can be done? more over is the two-bedroom flat in the name of santosh and the aunty is safe or can it be saved and how ?? Having listened to the opposing and conflicting view of a couple of lawyers has made me confused and unable to decide as to what to do sir? pls advice as you are a very senior and experienced advocate....pls advice... thank u so much respected sir. Naresh