Divorce Procedure and Expenses

Hi Sir, I got married in 2010. Below are points of issues : * Domestic violence for first five years. Don't have any proof in legal terms. *Post that also my husband has anger issues that is stressful. *In Entire 11 years of marriage he was employed for total less than a year. Worked with two companies. *I was man of the house. Earning solely with no financial or mental support from in laws. *For First 7 years i dis entire household and office work solely as i was able to afford maid. *In 2020 when i left left my job inlaws started making plans to move back to village and stay. They said husband will open a shop and you take care of house hold.I was mentally stressed. *Living separately from husband since one year. Now they want me to come back and gave assurance that my husband will earn and work. Its been a year he is just investing in swing trading and stated this is my skills and primary income. When asked for bank statement, nothing provided. Can you still help me to get mutual divorce as i am still searching for job and cant afford much.