Wife's rights

Hi, I am a resident of Chennai and I got married on Dec 2008. I am married to a divorcee, and my husband has a kid (son) too. His wife left him when the kid was only 8months old.The kid was only 1 year and 6 months when we got married, now he is a 8 yrs old kid. I married him without my parents consent (love marriage) and then after 2-3months my parents accepted us. I was living in his house with my in laws for about 4 months when we had many domestic violence issues. Even my in laws did not like me and wanted us to leave the house. After that I moved out with my husband and we stayed in a separate house for about 2months and even during that time we have many quarrels as he was hiding all his information (bank acct, phone pwd, email pwd etc) which he never did before. During our 2 months stay he was transferred to a different state (kerala) from his company He did not want me to stay with his parents and the kid and left me to my place. I But whenever he came to Chennai, he visited me at my mother's place and also went to his place.After working in Kerala for about 2.5yrs he came back to Chennai on Jan 2013 and joined a company but did not stay with me. He said we will buy a new house and move there directly and till then he wanted to stay in his place, though I insisted he never took me to his house again stating there will be quarrels at home as they don't like me and also he rarely brought kid to me. Again he moved to Bangalore on April 2014 and on May 2014 when my mother in law passed away, my husband did not even inform me. I came to know about it from one of our family friends. We had many arguments about it, and one time my husband stopped talking to me for about 2 months, then I visited him in Bangalore several times and convinced him. Now It's been more than 6.5 yrs since we are married and few days back I asked my husband to show me his phone and as usual he denied, we had many arguments and finally I secretly saw the phone lock code. Next day I myself picked his phone and went through few messages and emails. In emails he had many call recordings that had call conversation with his son and in one of the recordings I heard his ex-wife's voice. The conversation gave me a clue that she was staying with him in his house. When I enquired then he told me that she is staying in his house for past 2 yrs and he said my mother in law brought her home to take care of them and the kid. This is a cheating as I was not at all aware that he still has any relationship with his ex wife and now when I caught him and asked my husband if he has any physical relationship with her he denied, but I still cannot trust him. He still doesn't want me to come to his place and speak to his father about this, but one day I visited them and my father in law denied talking to me and pushed me out of their house, out of frustration I had to shout in front of their house and now because of that my husband got a reason to not to live with me. Now a days he is not even responding to my messages or calls and even if he talks he just says he doesn't want to live with me. Please help me and suggest me how to proceed with this legally. I have no intentions to leave my husband and I want to live in his place as I am his legal wife. I am sure all this while everyone must have thought that ex wife as his wife and this is a trauma for me. Please help and suggest. Thank you and sorry for the long story.