Mutual divorce

Its been 3.5 years of our marriage he always lied about his income and financial and bank balance, he made my parents to agree for this marriage again by saying a big lie, he was not of our cast, he belongs to different cast, after marrige i got to know that he is from another cast and i got to know he was jobless, after few months of our marriage he got job and he use to spend my money, my parents asked his parents to send him abroad to work with his brother and sister in law, he is staying in their house from past 2.5 years and i dont have any idea about his income and again he lied about his salary , when i asked him payslip he said gulf countries are not providing it. i am 29 now, i really want to settle in my life but i dont see good future with him, he is not ready for mutual divorce, he speak very nicely and he is making everyone think that he is doing good in his life, but i can just see his fakness, we never had sex in our marital life , i am not getting what to do, kindly suggest me