Mental abuse

I have been married for last 11 yrs and an independent woman. My husband had drinking issues and because of which we had severe fights during early years of our marriage. Till the time I had tolerated this drama I was an ideal Bahu but the moment when I started raising my voice I have been treated very poorly by my in laws specially by my MIL. I was being bycotted in all family gatherings, any day to day communications in house; she used to hide food in her room; my parents were treated very poorly; etc. I had my child few yrs later and MIL starred mistreating my chile as well. Gradually, this came to my husband's notice and he started standing by me (atleast in few moments). His drinking habit reduced after few yrs of my child's birth. Now we had rarely some fights on his drinking habits but majority of our fights are bcoz of his parents behaviour towards me and my child. My MIL still keeps on harrassing me by her earlier tactics, and now she abuses my child in front of me by snatching food from him, by making him feel inferior in front of his cousins;etc. During all these years, despite of knowing my MIL's behaviour my FIL and SIL has supported her in all her acts. Can such kind of act be treated as mental abuse?