Zero Alimony MCD and quashing 498a FIR before second motion

Hello Sir, Hope you are doing well. BRIEF FACTS OF MY CASE. My wife stayed with me for just 17 days after marriage and had gone her home for 1 month and one day she came back from her house and after stayed for 2 days and went back home again and then she registered a case of domestic violence and 498A against me and my family members. After this counselling was started in the CAW cell and simultaneously the trial in the Domestic Violence case was started. The counselling of the CAW cell took 12 dates after which the counselling failed and after that, I was called to the DCP office and after that, the FIR was registered. In the domestic violence case, we both filed a detailed income affidavit in which she lied about her employment. Before the final argument in interim maintenance, I have filed the details of her employment which I have got through RTI, and after that, the magistrate rejected the application on this ground and order her to file evidence on affidavit on the next date. On the next date, she filed the evidence on the affidavit where she submitted only one photograph of herself, and on this date, the magistrate ordered her to bring witnesses on the next date, and after that Lockdown took place. She challenged the magistrate's order in the Additional Sessions Judge's court, where her application was again rejected on the similar ground that she had lied about her employment. And since that day, the wife's lawyer is calling me and saying that let's settle the matter. But I do not have money to give her, so I told him to settle the matter in zero RS, but the wife and her family were not ready to do the zero settlement and now it's going to be a year. But from the day the appeal is dismissed, every one or two months he calls me and says let's settle the matter, there is no point in pursuing these cases further, you also get married again and she too will get married again. Yesterday he called me again and this time he was talking about filing Mutual Consent Divorce on Zero RS Settlement. Now I want to know from you that can there be Mutual Consent Divorce without paying any money to wife? In such a zero-settlement case, can a judge pass an order to give some money to my wife? I have three cases pending against me of DV, 498A, and 156(3) 200 where she tried to book my brother and father under section 354. she filed this case after the magistrate dismissed her interim maintenance case. Can all these cases be withdrawn before the second motion? Because I can't trust them blindly. Can the 498a FIR be quashed by the Delhi High Court on the basis of MOU before the second motion? I will be grateful to you if you answer the above questions point-wise for my better understanding. Many Thanks! Punit