Money Suit

Sir, My name is JS Khan m 27 years old, few years back i was lured by a friend to invest in a land, due to which i took a heavy loan from a personal money lender. He paid me 2,15,000 by cheque & 2,85,000 in cash, i offered him good returns. But i got duped by my friend. Last year he filed a case against me in a civil court, the same time when my marriage was about to take place. I pleaded with him coz i didnt wanted anyone to know about it. His advocate made a document in which i was asked to pay 7,00,000 in a period of 3 years. With 25000 to be paid in every 3 months installment, & if fail to pay instalment will be charged with 2% interest. My financial condition got worse day by day, i owed him 3 installments & 2% interest for 9 months which was (75000 installment + 8000 interest) i some how managed to gave him 25000 and today i gave him 8000 of his interest. I told him within 15 days i will clear rest also but he wants to go to the court... He told me cops will come anytime at my house & will pick me & put me in lockup. He keeps shouting & abusing me. He told me that he will tell in court he didnt received any money from me. Im already paying him 2 lacs extra and also the interest if i get late. Sir my intention is to return the money, but he keeps humilitaing me & scarring me. He has a big local lawyer as his friend. Sir my wife or family doesnt knows about it, if they get to know, there will be nothing left for me to live. Sir plz is there a way i could get bit of time...plz sir