Divorce Grounds and legal issues

Greetings, I would like to know the grounds for a divorce and legal complications in fighting a case. Both husband and wife are Christians and got married in November 2020. Prior to the marriage, boy and his parents specifically told the girl's parents that they are looking for a qualified girl as his wife as well as a lady who has no plans to work in the future. Both are highly qualified, boy is employed in abroad from March 2021 onwards. Since beginning boy is not happy with her as well as her family's attitudes. Now there area many demands from the girl that she cant stay at home in Abroad, the amount given by her dad as gift should be deposited in her name only, he should not stay with his parents as he is the only one son of his parents, and both parties are not happy in their wedlock. Plus the girls father talk to the friends of his dad church members about the issues, which has created some sort of discomfort in front of others as well. So what's the best possible way to end this relationship without making things complicated for both parties as well as dragging this issues for years. Is there any need to pay alimony other than the amount paid by her father?