My wife expired ,a flat registered owned on her name needs to transfer title

I purchased a flat at pune after marraige on my wife’s name,all the payments to builder including Emi’s to bank are paid by me till now.She committed suicide in four months after marraige due to mental illness.My in-laws put charge upon me of 498A,306 ,I got acquitted from the charges. I am paying Emi’s till today regularly .need to transfer title as it’s required to be put up on electricity bill,municipal taxes ,to avail selling rights of flat. How to do so ,so that bank accepts it ,as talked with bank they are asking for succession certificate which is very time taking and costlier to go for. Also there is a provident fund with her father as a nominee of 100% which were unchanged after marraige as the death happened in short term.a group insurance plan by company ,gratuity. I have taken noc from in-laws . There were one flat before marraige due to which her father blackmailed ,asked after her death very first day which I couldn’t replied due to trauma ,they negotiated with my brother threatened to file case if property not given to them.and after one month of her expiry when all the kriya katanas as per Hindu tradition we’re done files the case. I lost my business and today am fighting for financial needs at the same time bounded to pay Emi’s and maintain own life daily needs.I am in job now a days,feel extreme depression and fates ultimate curse which erased my life happiness in mere a 4 month.where I were responsible I don’t know but need a proper consultation for what to be made how to come out and overcome these situations. Need help.