Divorce and Child care

Hi Lawyers, Can you please suggest your opinion on below scenario: Scenario: Got married in 2020-Feb and by May-2020 wife has gone to mother home due to pregnancy care. Since May-2020 until Dec-2020 there is just phone communication between both the family. By Dec-2020 boy baby born and only 10 days of 3rd month of baby, she stayed with me and my parents. Post that March-2021 to till date not showing kid either on whatsapp/call and she is not ready to stay with me or my family. Sounds money minded and initiating for nuclear family even though our family never asked to work either at home and taken care well. Suggestion Needed: 1. Would like to know if i would like to go ahead file petition for Divorce ? 2. How to get the kid out of her. Kid is 9 months old now. They are threatening us because of Kid. We wanted kid not to be suffered. They are not taking care of kid well and their intention is my family should not see the kid. 3.Girl family is money minded so how to tackle it in case they file false harassment case. They are from very poor family background but having some local community members support they are threatening us.