Forceful eviction of tenant

I am residing in a flat from two years paying the agreed rent peacefully with my wife and two teen aged daughters. Elder daughter is studying XII class and younger in VIII class. Now as the academic year 2015-16 has started in August suddenly the owner is pressurising me to increase the rent from 13000/- to 15000/- or to vacate. I asked her you should have intimated me before the academic year in summer I would have vacated the house. And also in summer the ground water bore dried out and for two months we have faced lot of problems and with lot of patience we stayed here if that time you have told I would have vacated. Now in the middle of the academic year I cannot even vacate nor pay the higher rent. And I will vacate after the house after the academic year because my daughter's studies are at peak and she has to write the College Exams, IIT Entrance or Engineering Entrance Exams so I cannot Disturb their studies now. She is threatening with severe consequences. Please give me advice