About child custody

Res, Sir My name is Rasik Dindor from dahod, gujarat im a farmer, I got married in 2011 and i have a 1 year old son now me and my wife have issues and she took my son with her as well. Now she dont want to come back and she dont want to give my son back she did this thing twise. I did whatever sheand my inlaws says like i left my parents and bother, we have a seperate house, and farming land too etc my parents left house for her to settledown my life, all i did for her to have her in my life and for my son's future i did everything and bring her back. Once we had a socially aggryment on 8th march 2015 and take her back tomy house My inlaws file case agents me and my parents on 12th march 2015 in march of domestic violence but my parents says its ok dosent matter we had a socially solution of this and dont want to go further so ask your wife if she know nething about this i asked her and she says no i dont know anything about it nither my parents know one of my uncle did this and we both went to a court on date and she says we had a socially solution and i want to take my case back and she also write down a latter and give to my parents that my husband or my inlaws never did this thing to me what is write in legal notis its all wrong. After some time she started behaving like she did before and says that she want to go back to her parents house for 1 or two days and want to look her grand father who is eged and ill and she went. after two days when i called her and ask her to come back she dined and then says that i dont want to come back nither your son will come back and after that my inlaws says that you dont have enough money and you dont have even food to feed my doughter so we dont want to send her back and we want devorce . we went her place three times and tell everything will be allright every man has a good time and a bad time its your bad time so it dosent mean that you left him but she says no i dont want to come back and my inlaws also said the same thing. after some days one of my relative ask my father inlaws now what you want to do ? you want to send her back or just want to get devorce then my father inlaw says no no we want devorce no further discussion and take your son back we dont want it. ok we did so we went there place for devorce but nobody was there just my inlaws only and in front of all social people they said we dont want to devorce and i want to send her back they were changed thire colours. Now i dont want her back in my life but i want my son back. i want devorce, i got all her latters and msg in phone which says that she dont want to live me all other evidence. i want devorce now and my chile. sorry its bit a long story sir suggest me what should i do now ?