Married in Nov 2020. Since then my wife is very very cruel towards me..she has been abusive and very very aggressive. She hit me once in may 2021 n resultantly I sprained my ankle..Dr n police refused to do MLC. Though I submitted online police complaint but no action so far..Now in August she quarrelled with me and manhandled me and received scratches on my hand.. I complained to local police but though they took my complaint but no action till date. Moreover my wife got some self inflicted injury on her underam and git mlc with some bogus in jury. Now she is 8 month pregnant n it has become nearly impossible to live with her. She n her family are involved in similar fight case with their relative n case is pending in court . Pls guide whether I should fight for false mlc case or can I go for divorce as still one year not completed. N more importantly what can I do for my safety n living besar her is truly danger for my life. Can I leave her n stay with my parents at another place.. I live alone with my wife.