Criminal complaint against a Lawyer

If a lawyer himself sexually exploits his client who is already a victim of 376, threatening her that if incase she opens her mouth then her husband would be implicated in false cases by that lawyer such as 354, arms act, money extortion and others that too when he knows that female has messages from the lawyer (when he was drunk n all), just because that lawyer falsely claims that he loves this woman (on the messages also) as his wife is mentally ill and lives in the hometown only so had plans to divorce his wife on the same grounds and settle with this female. While approaching few lawyer friends they suggested the female that since the elections are coming so the whole bar would stand with him as he has a bihari vote bank and support him. Just because he is a lawyer so he is free to exploit anyone without any terror? He has spoilt the life of both husband and wife. He is kind of a lawyer who actually shows himself very powerful and has connections with criminals as he has done many false cases also, He has a three years practice in Court. Humiliated, harassed and tortured the female at the max. and has told that no police, Bar or the court can harm him as he is a lawyer and knows well how to manipulate and has told her that very soon she will have to either commit suicide or will leave this place. They consulted 1-2 lawyer friends of the same court but they also said the same that bar would support and we can not take action against him as he has good contacts with local police also, They already filed a lot of complaints where his female friends and associates (who are into a wrong business) threatened her over the messages and abused her physically till date police has not taken any action.They have been giving complaints as and when any incidence happened to the concerned P.S. and got the DD entry done.Both of the husband and wife are highly educated and qualified but are under terror and unable to work even.Now what all can be done in order to get this man punished at the max.Please advice.