I got married in 1996 but from the very first day my wife started fighting for petty issues she use to run away from the house and use to misbehave with me and my parents. Gar kai baar shor machana maar peet karna was a common thing for her.After 2 yrs of my marriage my parents shifted to Delhi. But there was no change in her attitude she use to fight with me and then use to go away to her mother's house.Every time when she use to fight she use to blackmail me ki sab ko band ker a dungi .We have two children boy 17 & a girl 10 even they feel humiliated in front of their friends & classmates.I am not supposed to talk with any female otherwise she says iske saath chakker chal raha hai aajkal. She has made my life impossible . Just because of my children I was tolerating her for last 18 years. This year in June she got ill and I took her to Delhi where she was diagnosed cancer she was admitted in jaipur golden hospital for 20 days all the bills were paid by me and I have the receipt for the same. She and relatives made a scene in the hospital ki tum is ka Ilaz thki nahi kera rahe and abused me and my parents in the hospital and threatend us ki police bulk kai sab ko band kara denge. On 26th June 2015 she was discharged from the hospital as she has recovered well. But she will have to stay in Delhi for cemotherapy I requested my parents to keep her with them for further treatment . My mother who is 72 years old use to take her for treatment. One day she got furious on some petty issue and then she called the police and media ki mera Ilaz nahi kera rahe hai and gave the statement in the national news. At that time I was in Nainital. Our whole family feels humiliated & are mentally tortured. She has framed false allegations against me and my parents. She has also spread this on social site in Nainital ki mera illaz nahin kera rahe and made me feel humiliated in my hometown also. Now on 19th Aug I had filed a divorce case against her and she is living with her sister. Her relatives are now threatening me to withdraw the case else they will file a dowry case against me and my family. Please help.