Parking allotment in old chs in mumbai

Our CHS is in Mahim, constructed in 1970's. It's a four storey standalone building with 14 apartments, two closed garages and 4 covered stilt parking slots. In addition, three 2 wheelers can be accommodated in the stilt area. In addition there are 3 parking spots that can hold cars and 5-6 spots that can hold two wheelers without hindering with the garage access. There are 4 smaller apartments on ground floor (ranging 200-400 sq.ft) and 10 on upper floors, all approx. 700 sq.ft in size. The two covered garages have been sold by the builder to two tenants at the time of development. Now our questions/ concerns are as per follows: 1. Should the ground floor residents be allowed to park one vehicle per house considering the size? (If its less than 300 sq. ft) 2. Should the garage owner be allowed to park the car outside? (One has converted the garage into a commercial one and uses other parking spot) 3. One car is huge and can not be accommodated or manoeuvred to any spots except for one. so the car owner has been parking there since forever. Many residents are asking for rotation, but that would also mean parking a few cars outside if we actually implement the garage rules and allow all residents to park one car. KIndly educate us on any laws if applicable regarding allocating parking slots to smaller apartments.