Tanent not vacating my house

My father had rented my house which is located in Mettupalayam, Coimbatore dist Tamilnadu to a person for the past 7 years who looked to be decent and genuine. I am working abroad and my old age parents were taking care of my property. Last year in the month of Jan 2020, when I had returned back from foreign due to corona pendamic I had asked him to vacate my house. A. He requested to extend for one year stating that his son will be completing his +2 schooling. More over as I was again leaving to abroad I had agreed to extend for one more year by making a legal rental agreement with a local notary public. As per the agreement he is supposed to vacate my house by 30th April 2021. B. 15 April 2021 my father had reminded him to vacate the house. For which he requested 2 months extension till 30 June as Ramzan and other commitment he was having. After that my father become very sick and in the first week of May he passed away. C. 19June 2021 I had sent a whatSapp message asking him to vacate the house. He requested one more month till 30 July stating Corona pandemic. D. 20 July 2021 Again I had sent WhatSapp message asking him to vacate. He replied that that he needs one more month till 30 August as the house he had arranged to move in, someone in their family death. E. After that I had sent 2 WhatsApp message to which he had not replied. Then on 1 Sept 2021, I had sent him again message stating that he is staying in my house illegally and against my permission and will. F. Even my cousin requested him to vacate for which he is telling that if I am searching house suitable to me after that I will vacate. Sir, I will be going to my native next month. Can you please suggest me what are all the options left for me to get my house vacated? Regards V Praveen