Wife's share in the property, earned by her husband

A husband purchased some immovable properties( shop, house etc.) .For this 80% finance was arranged by selling of wife's ornaments , which were given to her by her parents, relatives etc. at the time of her marriage and some was given by her in laws and husband, at the time of marriage in traditional rituals MUH DIKHAI etc. Though the property was purchased in the name of husband, but 80% fund was arranged by his wife. Now, it has come to the notice in January 2021 that the husband has sold those properties long back somewhere in 2017, 2018 and in 2019.( 3 properties sold during 2017, 2018 and 2019), with out knowledge of / notice of his family members -- wife, son daughter etc. And husband has died in September 2020. But, the physical possession of those properties (to have been shown sold in 2017, 2018 and 2019), is still with his wife, whereas in sale deeds, it has been shown that the physical possession has been taken by the buyers. Pl.advise as to 1. A husband can sale an immovable property, with out consent of his wife, in the event he has earned those property by himself. 2.Can a husband sale entirely such properties(which are 80% funded by his wife, by selling her ornaments and ESTRI DHAN), and with out notice/ consent / knowledge to his wife? Whether there is any relief to his wife on such properties, under Law.whether there is any right of his wife on such properties? 3.which law gives relief to his wife since there is no other any source to earn livelihood, except the shops to have been sold under sale deed, but are still possession of his wife. And seller( her husband) has died in 2020 September. The house, in which his wife has een residing for last so many years, is in possession of his wife, whereas in sale needto have been shown done in 2019, it has been mentioned ed that the buyer has physically taken possession of the house. Can this sale deed be challenged? If so, under which ruling/ law and section? The wife is a domestic wife, there and unmarried daughter and two sons. The opponents ( to have been shown as buyers, in shown sale deeds) are terrorising, threatening and sending gunda type persons to get vacated those properties for taking possession from the wife of deceased husband. Pl. Advise as to what course of action can be initiated in such circumstances? Thanks