Apartment Association maintenance issue

My top floor apartment has multiple construction defects though it's high end flat, purchased at premium rate from reputed builder. 1. Within 3 months of my move in, the roof cracked and only after putting it to the social media, builder repaired it 2. A water pump installed right above my master bedroom which creates extreme noise and vibration, giving me sleepless nights for 6 years. Despite multiple requests, neither builder nor RWA has taken any action to move the pump or even switch it off during night. 3. The elevator room which is directly above my dining area, causes huge noise Due to these, I stopped maintenance payment to builder (before formation of RWA) 5 years ago. I personally visited builder office to resolve these but they only gave false promises. Then their accountant kept generating bills from 5 months before my apartment purchase (registration) because of which I kept refusing to pay and the dues kept adding up - resulting into a total due to 44000/- as of September 2017. Then RWA was formed and I have been paying maintenance to them without default for 3 years at very high rate. Now as part of handover, RWA is forcing me to clear the dues to Builder along with 18% interest which is resulting into an outrageous 156000/-. If I don't clear the due, RWA is threatening to charge me additional 90paisa per sq ft (additional 1100/- per month on top of current maintenance rate of 5400/-). All my emails to both RWA and Builder are unanswered. I am a single lady, living alone, I never use any facilities. So this forceful implementation of penalties along with continuous noise is making my life miserable. Kindly advise my legal options.