Tenancy Rights

One of the property which is the tenant premises is in redevelopment , My question is as under. 1. The original tenant was mother who had expired. 2. There was the dispute between the brother and sister for property . hence one of the legal heir had filed a suit for partition of this premises. 3. One of the brother who was in the possession of property had made statement before the high court that he will not alienate ,encumber or part with possession 4. In April 2019 , we being sister had informed the builder that there is a partition suit pending before the high court 5. The builder had himself filed an marji application for restoring the RPD Suit in which i was also the party 6. Now the brother who had in possession have made an agreement for premanent alternate accomdation with the buider and handed over the possession to the builder with out informing the court about the same 7. the builder on same got IOD approved 8. we have also filed legal notice with the MCGM Now what are remidies availble to us At present building demolished