Procedure of Ex Parte Judgement

Dear Sir / Mam Got married in Feb. 2014. 5 Days after marriage, my wife left my home to join her job and since then has not turned up. She stopped responding to my calls, msgs & mails. Last I talked to her was on 16th March 2014. Even her parents didn't initiate any conversation. In Nov. 2014, my parents approached her parents for a conversation regarding the situation. The outcome of the conversation was that the decision be left upon the mutual agreement by my wife n me. Thereafter, I kept calling her for 2 months but in vain. She didn't respond to my calls or msgs or mails. We filed a petition for Divorce on ground of Desertion / Cruelty in April 2015. Notice was sent to her office address as well as her Parent's address. Both the notices were returned / undelivered. We finally got an order for paper publication in July end and the same was published in local n national newspaper and the date for appearance was 20th August. No one appeared from her side even on 20th August. The next date for hearing has not been informed to me. Kindly advise me the next possible outcomes and also the procedure for ex parte judgement. Thanks in anticipation Regards Anshul.