Divorce Appeal

Sir/Madam, I got married in May'2011. My wife had a boy friend in the past but and she always compared me with him and rather insulted me many times. She stays with her parents only, in the entire 4 years she stayed with me for 9 months only. She filed a case in Women crime cell in the year 2012 when my mother was suffering from Cancer and harrassed me a lot but in Nov'12 my mother expired and she came back with her dead body and stayed for 2 months and again left by giving in writing that she wants separation. My father also expired in July'14 due to sudden heart failure and again she unwillingly said that she wants to stay with me. The case in Women cell is being withdrawn by my wife in Jan'13 and I have the copy of the complain taken through RTI. There has been five instances in the past, that she left me and again says that she wants to come back. Now I do not have trust in her and morever, I lost my parents and there seems no point in living with a women who has not done her matrimonial Chorus and insulted my parents. I want to file a petition for divorce but the concern is how to save my father's property(A house build in 100sq yrds). Its under power of attorney and me and my sister has equal share in that. Can I make a will in my sister's name and take witnesses in favour? I do not want to sell it as my father did not wanted that. Please help me as my life seems miserable and I living alone in that house. Please note that I have a son of 3 years as well who stays with my wife. How is the maintenance being granted by court and is it really tough to fight with a women in Court? Many people have told me that there are hundred laws in women's favour and court never listen's to mens. Request you to revert back specifically on property as its very important for me to safeguard. Regards Amit Mobile. [deleted]