Property sold and amount forfieted with issue of legal notice

Respected Members, I request your advice on the following matter, I have agreed to sell my house at a loss of around Rs. 5-6 Lacs which includes the amount of registry and Loss of Rs. 1 Lac from the registry value. Means I agreed to sale for Rs. 28 Lacs, however I have purchased at Rs. 29 Lacs. Since I have purchased in few months back and due to some personal exigency, I went off to sale the property at a very nominal value which only covers the loan outstanding against the property and the same is intimated to the buyer. Also the buyer was given time to make the purchase within 45 days because I did not want to bear the unnecessary EMI burdens and hence the benefit in the form of cheap price was transferred to the buyer. But the buyer could purchased the property within time, even he was not replying to my calls. Later when I called with another number he just answered that her sister is covid affected. Meanwhile I was also sending the whatsapp messages, but the same was not answered even though seen by him. I even messaged that I will deal with other buyer even after that I did not get any response from him. After six months I ultimately dealt with another customer and sold to him. In the above situation, I asked the buyer to buy the house buy I didn't receive any positive response which implies his intention to buy the property. Secondly, he even didn't pay any of my EMI during the intermittent period to make good the loss I sufferred. Kindly guide me whether I am liable to pay the token amount as I haven't send any legal notice as negligency was observed with the communications over the whatsapp and the earlier agreement was not cancelled, because I considered the same has been lapse. Also the registry made to the another customer will have any impact or not with this. Kindly guide. Regards Sumeet