Credit card Defaulters in UAE

Sir, I have used a credit card from RAK BANK dubai,i have been paid everymonth outstanding during my stay in UAE. after company has terminated me i came to india june 2012, that means 3 years has been over. due to jobless aand termination by company ,i have lost all my savings .at presented RAK has appointed sunshine solution recovery agent ,cheenai based .one representative name dakshina moorthy , calling everyday and asking money. i even told i dont have any money to settle .i can pay minimum amount as much i cn .but he gave me 3 months time to settle the money.RAK bank is not sending any statement /or waiver to me. realy i am not in a situation to pay full settle ment . what leagal action bank can take if i have not pay their there any legal rights for local agent sunshine because the dakshinamoorthy ,started to threatening me from day 1 .he is tell he will blackmail with police and advice me ,what i suppose to do now.recovery agent also sending a person for asking money. is that legaly allowed.