False affidavit in court

I and my father's brother have filed affidavit in the court stating that my grandfather left a will about 30 years in an IA case. We went according to the will. Now an RTI shows the property given to my father's brother in the will has been transferred to him not on the basis of the will. Further RTI on what basis this was transferred yielded vague reply 20 plus year records cannot be shared according to municipal laws. When new official came, I wrote a new RTI asking on what basis the katha has been done for the property. This time the officials sent a notice to my father's brother asking whether I am a third party asking his private information. For which my father's brother has given in writing not to give. Same thing was conveyed to me through certified copy. In another instance my father's brother closed a bank account for which my aunts were nominee as per will. Questioning this my aunts went to court to get the will probated, but they failed as witness though alive did not come, refused or said the signature does not belong to them. My father's brother was living with my grandfather and he said the original will is lost. The certified copy of the registered will does not have signature of my grandfather or witness, jut name is there. My RTIs to bank also came back third party information I am asking. The will is not fully executed. According to law grandson cannot challenge the grandfather's will. How to take action on this.