How to Claim and register the property got through Will

I got the 1/3 of the property through my father’s will during 2004. Other 1/3 gone to my elder sister and another last 1/3 gone to sons of elder brother. Due to the sick mind of my brother and their neglecting the responsibility of taking care of my parents in old age; My parents clearly mentioned my brother and his wife won’t follow any property belongings and given last 1/3 share to their grandsons(2 in numbers; @ the time of will; they are 10 and 12 age only). As they don’t believe on my brother; they choose my elder sister’s husband as guardian and he needed to resolve any disputes and successful carry-out the will document. Past 10 years, whenever I requested to settle the will and they postponed by providing some excuses. Just now, I got to know, my brother convinced my sister and transferred her 1/3 property to his name by means of sale deed. Later, my brother and his son mortgaged the property to third person without my consent. That time; they have requested me to transfer another and last my 1/3 to his son. But I refused to transfer my 1/3 share. Finally, I got to know; they mortgaged to another person. My brother and his family members only availing all the facilities of the property and they won’t allow me/my family members to stay there and avail the property. Please guide me to get my share of the property. What is the procedure to register the property in my name?