Complaint against Sister in law for wrong allegations and abusing my parents

Hi, In my family we are total of 8 members, 7 years before, my elder brother married a women and then a lady came into our family and after few days of her marriage. She got into the heated argument with my mother and my own brother did nothing in resolving this conflict. She even abused my parents. Then, from there onwards her heated arguments got more and more increased. When I intervene she told too many wrong things to me as well. She got into heated argument with everyone this kept on going until one day my brother left her to her hometown for 6 months. And my parents shared this thing with her father and after that she came to our house after so many months but in her mind a sense of revenge was always there. Then, after 3 months of my marriage recently when she got to know that she is pregnant again then, she start heated argument with me then with my sister the next day and when I was not in home she said so much wrong things to my wife as well and she was silent, not a single wrong word my wife told to her. She threatened us for getting all of my family members in the jail, she will suicide and what not by continuously raising her voice. By taking the advantage of her mood swings she fought with everyone. But the day when she threatened all of us then, I decided to leave the house with my wife and at night 11:30 pm we left and she forced us to leave the house. This was so scary for us and somehow we took the hotel and went to my wife's infant. This incident is 2-3 days back and we will now book a rented house and live there. After so much of incidents I don't know what options I have Please enlighten me