If A girl commits suicide.

Sir, If a girl commits suicide beacuse i denied to be in a relationship with her. She and me were friend before but when she started to take this thing to above level i denied and started to keep a distance . Now she claims that the reason i denied is the reason whe is about o commit suicide in few days. I tried to convince her but nothing worked. I dnt know if she is bluffing or serious but she semms pretty serious about it. I have text messages of her saying that i am going away from her thats why she is committing suidide, claiming that noe she has lost the will to live etc. I dont what she is about to do next but I am scared that may be this act of her might land me in trouble. Also she claims that dont wrry my name will not appear anywhere but her room mate is aware of me and she might be a whistle blower. I dont want to take this issue to my or her parents. But still if she commits suicide because i didnt say yes to her, will be charged of anything...even though I didnt do anything.