Am i wrong ?

Hello sir/madam, I worked as a Math Trainer in a Test Prep company,Hyderabad,India.I worked for almost 3.5 yrs([deleted] to 8-06-2015). i submitted my resignation(Bcoz i got an overseas opportunity) as per the policy of the company by giving 2 months notice period on May 29th 2015.suddenly They Relieved me on June 8th 2015, bcoz they recruited another person in my place. i moved to Dubai on June 20th 2015.After i joined here one of my colleague in the new company resigned the job,the new management asked me for any references.i suggested one of my ex colleagues. they recruited him as another trainer.this is what happened .i have all the mail communications from the Previous HR about my final settlement and bank statements of the final they credited my salary on July 20th 2015. Today i got a mail from the HR of the new company that he got a letter from the HR of the past company. i.e as follows. Dear Sir or Madam My name is xxxxxxxxxxx and I am the HR Manager at xxxxxxxxx, India, located in Hyderabad, India. We have come to know that one of our former employees Mr. XXXXX has joined your organisation as a trainer for Quant. Mr. XXXXX has been absconding from services for quite sometime and when we learnt that he is currently working with you, we thought it is right for us to intimate you so you are aware of the conduct of Mr.XXXXX . We have also learnt that he has referred Mr. XXXXXXX who was working with us until August 23rd and he has been absconding since then and has not taken classes on August 24th which has caused a lot of uproar among the students and has caused a lot of intangible damage to the company.. We had to nab him in his apartment this morning using the help of an agency that nabs the absconding employees and he has come to the office apologizing for his conduct and has promised us that he will be reporting to work from this evening. Although we don’t trust his statement considering his past promises, we thought it is best to intimate you on the developments here so you are aware. We have initiated legal proceedings against Mr. XXXXX ( ME) He will be required to be present at the hearings in the court in Hyderabad and if Mr. XXXXXX( My friend whom i referred ) absconds and does not report from this evening, the same action will be taken against him. I would like to suggest to you that it is best to be cautious when recruiting people that have not been relieved properly. It could affect your operations if they are called back to attend the court. Best Regards XXXXXXX HR Manager XXXXXXXX Education PVT LTD.