Company misuse his own policy and forcing me to resign .

Dear Sir, I am a family person with mother, father ,wife and 2 children.I have much suffers due to lack of legal knowledge and our rights. I have 11 years experience in different company with good track record.I have joined a reputed organization as a Area manager on 19/01/15 after a long force by HR team ,in current organization, during the interview HR zonal head promise me that you will feel here good culture because i have already told him due to culture problem i left my past company. After that i have resigned my past company and joined current organization,all interview process will be done by mobile call so it is my luck that i have save all i am describing all the matters ------ 1.I got my salary till June but till date i have not got a single salary slip from the joining .now they hold my salary and hold all thing included july salary and he is not replying that why he done this. 2.I have provide my UAN no for PF and i mail to him but no response i am getting. 3.I have got my appointment letter after a long play of mail.after 3 months. 4.I expose to my senior because he involve in misuse company policy. 5.My immediate senior after drink said to me in public forum touch the leg of distributor and i have to do due to my family. 6.My immediate senior threaten me on my mobile. 7. Unfair management, They know very well all thing but why i suffer because already he issued absconding letter to me as on 11 /8/15. after i given reply on absconding letter he didn't reply but i continue to wright the mail ,Then Zonal HR call to me HO but i didn't go because i already inform him i will come HO with my self respect when you will resume my all thing like, he stopped my salary ,mobile bill ,convenience and official mail,remove me from watsapp reporting group and close my mobile application so work is not possible without these thing.After Zonal HR my HR head call me and force me to negotiate and said to me i will give your positive response in future.i did not received his offer.i continue my mail with my managing director .After a long mail HR head massage and mail to me that we have to move some positive direction i given thanks to our HR Head and met with VP wants to meet with me ,again he offer me 15 days extra salary after my resignation.Again i give a mail to HR head regarding as follows---- {{{{{{{{{Dear Sir, As you said to meet with vp sir ,I met him and he decide---- 1.I have to resign immediately. 2.I have to give NOC from all distributor. 3.After that He will give me 15 days advance salary with pending salary and other thing like convenience etc. Is this is a positive direction while, i told him complete situation and request him please take the appropriate decision but he didn't and he start talking about negative thing affected by RM like---- 1.Many distributor mail to the company regarding me. 2.You are during probation period I can do any thing. 3.You are planning for legal .etc... No one try to understand that I am a self respect family person who cares about family and I am afraid to how I manage my home if I didn't got appropriate job for me within the time frame. But I teach a lesson for whole life that truth has no matter in corporate word. Because No one organization is bad but some selfish people create bad image. But life is going on ,So I believe only your decisions because I think,you are a fare but every persons has limitation .}}}}}} Sir there are so many thing like long mail regarding this,call recording. sir i want some suggestion from you----- 1.My probation period has finished as on 19/07/15.Can they terminate me? 2.Can any HR issue Absconding latter without notice. 3.neither i am resign nor terminated and my mail id and all reporting thing stopped while i request him from day one. 4.if he do not follow own making policy in finance division ,can he talk about probation policy. 5.Who will be responsible for the time,it has passed 1 more month . regards, a helpless person