Delhi High Court Judge Admit the Appeal with see the case file

Respected Sir/Madm I have won the Case U/sec 498A/406/313 IPCS In 2012, but after 4 or 5months my wife filed a Cr. Appeal appeal in Delhi High Court against the Judgement of Session Court, But we don't know that she have file a Appeal in Delhi High Court against the Judgement. We have received only Notice (Sambandh) from Delhi High Court after her appeal accepted by Delhi High court. I have gone to Delhi High on 5 or 6 hearing. On 19 Feb 2012 Hon'ble Judge of Delhi Passed below order IN THE HIGH COURT OF DELHI AT NEW DELHI CRL.A. 539/2013 BHAGWATI DEVI ..... Appellant Through: Mr S.K. Pandey, Adv. versus STATE and ORS. ..... Respondent Through: Ms. Ritu Gauba, Additional Public Prosecutor for the State alongwith SI Neeraj Kumar Police Station Mandawali, Delhi Mr Vikas Mahajan and Mr Vishal Mahajan, Advs. for R-2 to 7. CORAM: HON'BLE MS. JUSTICE SUNITA GUPTA O R D E R 19.02.2015 At request of counsel for the appellant, relist this appeal for final hearing on 12.08.2015. SUNITA GUPTA, J FEBRUARY 19, 2015/rd $ 30 Before it no argument has been taken any Court of Delhi High on Cr. Appeal and when this matter have been relist for Final Hearing on 12.08.2015 then Hon'ble Court asked to my advocate/Lawyer what case is going on them my Advocate/lawyer tell the court a 498A/406/313 is going on and with listing any argument and without the file the Hon'ble Court has passed below order $~22 * IN THE HIGH COURT OF DELHI AT NEW DELHI + CRL.A. 539/2013 BHAGWATI DEVI ..... Appellant Through Appellant with her counsel Mr. Vijay Kumar, proxy counsel versus STATE & ORS. ..... Respondents Through Ms Meenakshi Dahiya, APP for the State along with SI Neeraj Kumar. Counsel for respondents no. 2 to 7 CORAM: HON'BLE MS. JUSTICE INDERMEET KAUR O R D E R % 12.08.2015 Learned counsel for the appellant is stated to be unwell and is not available today. Respondents have been served and they are appearing through counsel. All of them are admitted to bail on their furnishing personal bond in the sum of Rs 10,000/- each with one surety of the like amount each to the satisfaction of the Registrar General of this Court. Admit. List in due course. INDERMEET KAUR, J AUGUST 12, 2015 A I don't how could be a High Court Judge passed Such order without listing any argument and with reading the case file. Respected Sir/Madam, Can you let know meaning and processed of above Passed order and Can we move against above order. Help me Respected Sir/Madam