Cruelty of inlaws and Husband

Hi sir, I got married last year and soon after getting married my inlaws and husband behaviour changed. My husband and his family started criticizing on my looks that i look ugly, don't have dressing sense and blaw blaw. Then my hubby took me to London for Honeymoon there too my MIL keep calling him and always try her best practice so that he should not come closer to me. There too my hubby made critic remarks toward me . Later when we returned my hubby started saying she don't know how to wear , dont take care of my things and lot more. Then later he stopped talking to me for week till we stay with inlaws and my mil keep complaining even on minute issue. Then we came back to Delhi and started living seperately as both of us working in Delhi and live here separately. Then my hubby behavious changed a little and start loving me bit. He did shop expensive things for me but keep telling everything to his mom that he bought al such thing for me and out of temper mil started saying ki u shold not spend on her, she dont deserve, first you took her to very expensive place now you are spending alot on her don't beleive her and like this she keep do backbiting and made him to show anger toward me so that differences occur. My hubby too is very pampered boy do not listen to me at all and only stick to his parents words. So he stopped talking to me and called my parents to take me home as i cant live with her, saying she insult me and do not respect my family. But my parents made him understand and ask ki this type of things happen everywhere ignore and try to balance. But her parents and his behaviour never changed finaaly i got ill of hypertension and he took me to hospital and i got hospitalizes where i get to know about my pregnency. at that point of time too my inlaws never called me but keep poking and filling my hubby mind saying ki she was ill before marriage they lies to us about her illness. As a result my hubby got overfilled and left me home(My parents home) saying stay there till you are fine and after sometime i will take you home. Then he visted me several time on weekend but he never showed any love toward me it was like like for granted. later after 2 months i asked him to take me back, he said that first you get well later i will take and when i forced him he completely denied saying why you are disturbing me and my parents and cripping in front of us to take me back when i already said to you. You have wasted my life , am suffering alot out of u like this he stopped talking to me and he nver called or messaged me neither his family. Then 5 month passed he never came back and entertained my call or message also i was not in condition to go back home due to my pregnancy, my MIL and Hubby tries to abort baby many times but each time failed. then when my son born my parents informed them about this and the same day my hubby and his parents keep running to meet son in law. Then also my hubby do not talk to me. Later my MIL asked him to bring son in law home so he came and took me to his Parents home in Chandigarh saying that baby is too small to take care so stay for atleast 6 month there and he keep visited me on some holidays. But he never gave me anything to spend it was my earning and fund that i was using since i left job in august. there too my MIL keep knitting false stories and keep calling my hubby and keep washing his brain against me although he do not speak or talk to me. So my hubby start ignoring MIL words saying all will be fine soon. Bus my MIL was unable to digest this that his son not taking any action toward me. Finally he knitted a very false story and cried on call saying "ki tu isko yahan se leja", she is a big burden on us she has taken all our fun and we are unable to go and spend time and they cannot trust me for anything sice the time he fought with me alot and left me to my parents home. This happen on April 29 2015 since then he never came to take me along. Each time i am calling him he saying am busy, i will take you once get new home , and when again i forced him he said don't call me forget me as i have no feeling for you and baby, you can do whatever you like stop calling me . And since then he is not taliking to me .It 's now 4 months now that he has left me, and they are not entertaining our call. So we approached his mamaji(Mother in law Brother) they also following same that they will make us meet and assures reunion but keep postponing so can anyone help me to come out of this dilemma that what to do. I don't wanna split or separate from him, still I love him I wanted to be with him.