Final Financial settlement and issue of experience letter

I am working in a IT company (mid size) from past 3.4 yrs. I provided my resignation letter on 13th July, 2015. And as per my role am going to complete my 45 days of notice period by 28th Aug (they have postponed 4 working days as I applied 4 leaves in the notice period). I have the below queries w.r.t the same: 1. as per HR, all the final and full settlement will only be done after 60 days from date of exit (including the salary of current month) 2. Only the 'Resignation acceptance' letter will be provided on date of exit; And they are not providing experience and relieving letter till 60 days from the date of exit. No where in company policy shared with employees this has been updated. 3. I was allowed only to apply PL even though I had CL's pending and they postponed the number of working days based on the leaves applied in this notice period (I applied 4 days) Wanted to know is it not 45 days of our notice period is also for company to settle all these. And can I query these.