Validity of a Licensor Licensee agreement ?

My company had a contract with Govt undertaking for running a restaurant in their space...from day one the licensor was going wrong on commitments..then my contractr was renewed in september 2008 with certain clauses. we were handed over an agreeement in dec 2009. 13 months after the expiary of the original agreement wherein it was to be renewed for 3 years from 2008 September and no further renewal. In Feb 2011 we signed the agreement with our objectionas and along with a covering letter. even where i signed on the agreement under it it is mentioned that signing with a covering letter. 2 witnesses from the licensee side and 2 from our side signed too. But Gm/ sining authority of the Licensor has till date not signed on the agreement. they represented in High court that i had accepted the no further renewal clause and signed the agreement. Court asked us to vacate the premises and passed an order. My question is is such an agreement a valid document. If at all I had signed that was with a covering letter with our clauses and not accepting no further renewal clause...does not the covering letter become an part of the agreement (annexure0. And if they say it is valid then that means they accepted my condition. Or on the contrary if their signing authority has not signed it can they say that my license has expired.