Mental Harassment by in laws

I'm married for 11 years. Our was love marriage. Earlier we used to reside separately from my inlaws as they were against our marriage. When my son was borned they started visiting us. My father in law is a very bad person. He used to beat my mother inlaw. It was told by my mother inlaw nd by my husband to me . My mother inlaw asked me to get shifted with them n i agreed. But as soon as we shifted their, my father inlaw started taunting me for no reasons. They created such a bad environment that i decided to move down to delhi with my parents. My husband got a job in lucknow then. After one yr my husband's company was shut down n he was jobless so he said we had to get shifted to jaipur with my inlaws but again my father inlaw started taunting n this time my mother in law accompanied him. As my husband was jobless so i decided to move down to delhi with my parents in delhi. I worked there for 2yrs and in the meanwhile my husband got a job in Mumbai. He was there for 6 months. Then without my knowledge he shifted to jaipur at my inlaws place. Then he started pressurising me to get shifted to jaipur. As my son is growing so i said ok. In march 2014 i shifted to jaipur. Bt after 3 or 4 months again the problem started. My inlaws become innocent in front of my husband and even if he knows he never supports me. What should i do? I want to tell thing to police and want them to know that if anything will happen to me in future will be because of my in laws. Is it possible to file this issue on papers in police station. Please guide me as im going through a mental trauma.