Builder not following the rera sale agreement format

Hi, I have recently paid the token amount for an underconstruction property in bangalore. the builder has come up with a sale agreement which is heavily in favour of the builder. they have written up clauses which gives them an advantage in case it doesnt meet rera set guidelines such as: 1) giving possession without getting the OC or CC. and starting the maintenance way before any amenities are built. i believe this is a general practice which helps the builder to cut their maintenance peroiod in half. 2)changing the defect liability to be more inclusive which now covers faulty worksmanship, separation cracks between non homogeneous components etc 3) alteration rights without explicit permission and many more such clauses. i am not comfortable going ahead with such clauses and unless its changed i would want to go ahead with cancellation. there is a high chance that i would lose my token amount or part of it which seems unfair to me since i am demanding the builder to follow the set guidelines. so i would like to know if there is any legal course of action that can be taken in such circumstances to get back my entire token amount without any forfeiture.