Want to file divorce against my wife

Our marriage is love-marriage. My wife was an widow, and have a child. And she is a Govt. employee also. I have done long mental fight with my parents and relatives, and at-last done the marriage on 2014. Just the day before wedding, I was given resign from my job for some worst circumstances. From then the problem started. At that time she was agreed to continue the family at this circumstances. And I am still running for a job as I am jobless after one and half years of marriage. Some time I have got some income from freelance work, though it's not regular. After five-six month she started torturing my parents mentally. As she earned money started quarrel and disrespect to outsiders. And most of the time threaten me that I should give her all the amount which her father spending at the time of marriage. Though the jewellery (Stidhan) already put into her family locker in bank, and the keys of the cupboard taken with her as it given by her father. At last I can not tolerate turmoil, and said that whatever you have rest in here, please take all these things and also take the rest of jewellery which given from my relatives and go away, I need peace. As I can not feed you and you also don't want to cooperate, please leave me. She go away to her maternal house and again threaten that she should not given me divorce, as it's a prestigious issue for her among the friends and relatives. And that might prove that she is guilty. Now what can I do at this situation. Please help me.