Rights of property

Dear sir, i am sachin jadhav from udgir maharashtra my problem is as follows. my fathers sister suit a case against my father regarding rights in property.the case is suit in 2006 the age of her is nearly 65.the case detail are like this. there is no proof how this property comes.in 1982 my grandfather divided the property and give half of share to his son.the statement of property divide is on fer far which is signed by thasildar.the statement told that i am giving half share to my son and no one have objection on that.then my grandfather died in 1997.after that in 2003 my father transfer his property through court degree to his son.at that time also no one take objection then in 2006 fathers sister suit a case in lower court and this court give results in favor of fathers sister.now the case is in district court.in lower court in affidavit she told that in 1982 father gives half share to son for government facility.but she could not give any answer on what facility is taken.from father side 1 sister and 2 persons give statement that in front of him the dividation take place. i want just know that if the statement of grandfather on fer far which is signed by thasildar so can it be proof of dividation.or not.how can i proof in district court that the dividation take place.or any other suggestion for me that is useful for me in district court. please suggest me. thank you.