Stay on getting married from HC

Hi. Divorce case (Husband side): I am the petitioner in the case. Working abroad - Qatar. My family lives in navi mumbai (just my mother (65 yrs) and 2 brothers are married, living seperately with their family). I won the case in Family Court (on basis of fraud played upon me in getting married to a uneducated girl). Order passed in my favour without maintainance. She has approached High Court. Pt 1 ) What will be the future action from the respondent (my wife) for maintainance and how can i avoid paying maintainance / any permanent alimony as i was not at fault. It was a case of cheating. Pt 2) Interim alimony stopped from Family Court to wife and child after the order (no mutual settlement done) - Once she approaches High Court will i have to start paying interim alimony again? (Rs.10k monthly i was paying in FC) Pt 3) Can i get married again inspite of she getting 'stay' on me to get married again? Pt 4) If i get married inspite of stay, what are the consequences? Pt 5) My mother is alone, since i work out of india and i am not there to accept HC notice, what happens to the HC case? I request you to share detailed replies as i am in a mess due to this. Thank you in advance.