Contract Labour

I had worked in autonomous institution , Government Of India as a Contract Typist from 1/7/84 to 31/3/89 and from 10/8/89 to 25/11/1998 under agency contract. Agreement was signed in white paper between the agency and the institution . Normally every year as per the institue quotation typing will be notified in the newspaper. But in 14 years service , they asked only 4 times , remaining extension . I am all in all (Contractor , Manager , Typist , Letter Signing , Recieving Salary ....) . In the Labour Court , it was failed due to lack of evidence . For example like recieving of salary , no direct contact with myself and institution . Various certificates have been issued in my name with Salary . This has not been taken as an evidence . I am a disability patient with an asmathic wife and daughter suffering from downsyndrome . Slowly my disease Parkisons is withering . Very difficult to do all activities and i am unemployed . My son is schooling and the expenses for the medicines and physiotherapy for me is Rs.-9000/month . Its very difficult for me to meet both ends . I kindly request you to advise in the matter as it an autonomous institution whether my request can be given for compensation or pension or employment . Nobody will work for 14 years and also no contract will be given for 14 years for the same party. Please kindly advise in the matter . Only after this i will request to my institution .