As a 32 Years old pagdi tenant what amount should we claim to vacant the shop?

Dear Sir, My father rented a shop in 1989 at a monthly rental of 500 rupees. He also paid 58000 rupees as pagdi at the same time. In 1989 the shop's market value would be around 1.5 lakhs. Initially few months landlord used to give rent receipts and later on stopped giving. Rent increased to 1000 rupees till 2010. All of a sudden on 15th January 2010 a sent a legal notice to us claming that we haven't paid rent for last 1 year so we are a tenant in arrears so we have to vacant the shop and pay the rent. We hired the advocate immediately and he helped us to win the case in 2017 in civil court. He said in court that the actual rent was 500 but the landlord is claiming 1000 rupees.As he did not had any proof of 1000 rupees rent but we had proof of 500, judge dismissed the suit and the rent was fixed 500. Later on he again appealed in District court in 2018 , but he again lost the case last week and Dictrict judge also ordered the rent as 500 rupees as we had proof but he did not had any proof that rent was increased. (Sometimes we fell in our own trap bcz god is always watching us.). Te current value of shop is around 85 lakhs. Now my question is that if we want to buy the shop what amount should we pay and in case if we vacant the shop what amount should we ask from landlord. Please remember that we have gave pagdi of 58000 when the shop value was 1.25 to 1.5 lakhs. Thanks