Legal advise on filing for Desertion; and wife's property claims

Hi, I kindly love to have legal advise on my two specific questions regarding my potential divorce case. I have outlined them below, please advise 1) DESERTION - Wife and I are living separately since 3.5 months following marriage, and have not communicated by any means for 1 full year now. She stays with her parents in India. I am an NRI in Bahrain. She left to India at her own strong will against my wishes. Her reasons are firstly "delivery of child in India", and secondly for "love and affection towards the father". But due to a plethora of other reasons, we are both incompatible for co-habitation. She is not willing for a mutual consent divorce either due to her eye on our property and the fact that she has a child now. So my questions are: a) How long would I have to wait for filing my first divorce petition against her if I choose to divorce on the grounds of Desertion? Is the time period counted from the date of my first petition, OR from the date after my wife and I started living separately? b) What will happen if my wife does not agree and tries to appeal against my Desertion petition? If there is any such thing, will any actions, or any sort of her appeal work against my favor? c) Are there any reasons when a case based on Desertion can take longer than usual for a divorce decree? What are the caveats? 2) SPOUSAL PROPERTY CLAIMS OR ALIMONY - I am the only child of my parents and we are business owners in Bahrain and i also have a business under my name. The wife's family knows about this very well. So my questions are; a) Given that I am the only child, would even the property of my parents be included for calculation towards the divorce distribution and alimony? b) Would foreign property or bank funds outside India, which in my name be included for property distribution or alimony by the court? Thank you