Opting for divorce, without wife's consent

I have been married for 3 years now, and my wife has been abusing me mentally and physically right from the beginning. She has hand-twisted me to buy property (our present residence, jointly owned by the two of us), spending indiscriminately (only I earn, she does not work), limited contact with my family (we live in a different city, she has never stayed with them, and she does not allow me to contact them) and she constantly threatens me of slapping 498A on me and my family. Her father has some political connections, which is another cause for the threat. She does not allow me to have any money, she makes me transfer everything to a joint account, to which she holds the debit card. And I don't know if that counts as a crime, but she neither makes any food for me, nor does she allow a maid to step into 'her' house to prepare this basic need nor allows me to prepare it either. I often stay back late nights in the office as my office offers food. She prefers to buy whatever she likes to eat. And finally, she holds all my original documents (passport, DL etc.) and threatens to burn them all the time if I don't agree with everything she demands and says. As some precautionary measures, I have done the following: Maintained a password protected blog that lists out her behavior for the past couple of years chronologically Videotaped her crying out false alarms of me beating her for the neighbors to hear, and then proceeding to physically abuse me. Audiotaped an incident when a mediator, on her invite, stepped in to help us out, and her rude behavior with the mediator. Audiotaped my frantic calls to her parents, asking them to visit us once, which have only been answered with - we'll see. Now, there are a few complexities. My wife constantly complains to her parents that I physically abuse her (though the truth is just the opposite, and her parents too find it hard to believe and laugh it away). My wife is an introvert, she stays indoors all the time, and if there are any arguments, proceeds to self inflict injury marks on herself. She threatens to call the cops after doing that, but hasn't done it yet. She has never left our house and gone back to her parents ever, she keeps saying that the house is hers and she will see the end of me in this house itself. She also says that she doesn't want divorce (actually, I have made life too easy for her and opting for a divorce will make her fall back into an uncertain life). Recently, she has been pressurizing me for a child, as she is certain that the child will tilt things legally in her favor. My questions: Can I file for divorce because of the above mentioned reasons? Can she file 498A on me and my parents, even though she has only met them twice or thrice, and never really lived with them? Will having a child (which I am not agreeing to considering the amount of tantrums she throws) guarantee that she will take away everything I have, including my parents' property? Are there any other precautionary measures I can take to stay safe?