Need advice on me and my wife seperation

Dear Sir / Madam, I am going under conflict with my wife because of her and her parents mistake. 1) my wife and her parents made a mistake that they along with 10 - 15 eoples the faught with my mother by giving bad words to her, when my new born baby was in NICU in critical condition on 24the dec 2014 and on 27 dec my baby expired where immediately on 28 dec she left with her family from my home and till date she is with her family 2) I am ready to start life again with new, but she is just asking to come and take her away, which will in turn reflect in future that "she was not ready to come that was i who took her with me". But I know that what they made mistake with my mummy on 24 dec because of the same fear they were not ready to send her back. 3) I have query that I was from very poor family and struggled my life in very critical condition with my mumys help.where today I am having 1 small house of 250 sq ft(In my name), and in process to complete my familys dream to own home of 1bhk (in my and my mumys name) now after lots of effort. My first small house was purchased before my marriage and the in process home is purchasing when my wife is not with me. # Can my wife claim share in any of these homes?