Mutual divorce

I was married 2 years before now we have a daughter of one year. Unfortunately my wife don't want to make relationship with me, even she wants divorce . Now she's telling she don't want any kind of money and our daughter will live in her custody. Even she don't want to take any kind of mentainence for the daughter and herself in present and future. In this two year she did not live in my house more than 60 days. She can make relationship only one condition that I have to live with her parents house. It's not possible for me. Now she have been living with my daughter in her parents house for last 3 months, even not make anything complain to police also. Can any one suggest me the below questions. It will be very thankful to me. 1. If I don't agree to Divorce, can she make 498 case for me? 2. If I agreed to Mutual Divorce, what agreement I should sign. In which she can't make any kind of demand, claim, money, other belonging maintanence for herself and daughter also.