Life of my brother

Dear All my brother who is aged about 34 years was married in 2008 after 2 years we came to know he has schizophrenia , at this moment his in-laws took back their daughter and deserted my brother. later from that day we are getting him treated with the concerned doctor. after desertion his in-laws and wife came back and requested us to allow their daughter to stay with my brother in a separate house after a desertion period of almost 26 months. we agreed to this as we also had a daughter. now every six months my brothers wife quarrels and goes back to her house. Then my brothers father in law comes and starts blaming my brother as useless, plays drama, and so on, though the doctor treating him have advised us, them, his wife to take care of him like a from last one month he has started to go to a small job, at this point he is threatened by his wife and in laws for Divorce, Dowry harassment, Domestic violence, so what shud we do . kindly advice. as we belong to a middle class family my parents are old and we have a widow sister at home. still my brother is staying separately. kindly advice.we stay in bangalore