Land dispute

My mother has a share in the land which was previously owned by my grand father (Mother's Father). Grand father is no more. We (mother, my uncle, and grand mother) wanted to fence the area so as to prevent trespassing. We waited for so long to get a surveyor from taluk and last week he came and inspected the place thoroughly. We were clear about the boundaries and started fencing the same. We share one boundary with a small stream and it is adjacent to the road( govt property). But today we suddenly got a call from village office that there was an anonymous call from someone saying that we had covered additional area. Now it is sperding like a news all over. This is a common problem in rural areas as these people are so jobless and try to create a fuss. The fencing is almost over. What should we do to protect that property/fence? or what should be the strategy for further step? (We were clear that we have not taken additional area. and even by mistake it is there we are ready to clear that too)